eBay ® powerseller tips and tricks by Michelle Jansen


This eBook has to be the best of its kind.  It is:
  • easy to read
  • fully of tips and tricks for power selling on eBay that only the masters use
  • reveals information of which most people are unaware
  • tells you what the hot sellers are in little more than a paragraph
  • directs you to some of the hottest selling auction resources out there


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Don't think it's the same old stuff re-written - a lot of what is in this book is from my own personal experience. A problem solver at heart, I've come up with some great tips on how to work smarter not harder.  And I work from home having given up full-time work to have and raise a young family. Yes - that's my baby you can hear in the background! So I know what it's like to do a juggling act.

Just in recently:

Hi Michelle...I have finished reading your eBook.  It is a goldmine of information!... Thanks, Peter (ACT, Australia)

With over 100 pages of information rich tips and tricks, what do you pay for all of this? It's cheap! Just $US 24.99 and yes - we have bonus after bonus too.  You get:

  1. The eBay PowerSeller Tips and Tricks eBook
  2. My Shooting Star PowerSeller list (so you can check out some of the 'stars' of eBay)

Plus you will get access to:

Turn $500 (and a Widget) using eBay into $5000 in Six Weeks

 How to Create and Automated eBay Money Machine

 How to Increase Auction Profits

And not to be outdone:

How to Get Bids Like Crazy

eBay Auction Aid

Lastly, I have a 7 day money back guarantee. If you really feel that the information is of no use (and you will not put any of it into action) notify me within 7 days of ordering and your money will be refunded - no questions!

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* The actual eBook is in the Adobe Acrobat® format.  The Adobe Acrobat® reader is "free" and is usually installed on most computer systems.  If you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Download Acrobat Reader (or similar) button located at http://www.adobe.com and follow their instructions. The BONUS list of shooting star PowerSellers is viewable directly through your Internet browser.  The other BONUSES are a mixture of self-running applications and Adobe Acrobat documents. SBS.

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