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 eBay (TM) powerseller tips and tricks by Michelle Jansen

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by Michelle Jansen
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Previous winner's list

  • October 2003 - J Fach, Sarasota, Fl, USA

  • November 2003 - K. Ellis, Summerville, SC, USA

  • Jan 2004 - K. Moser, OH, USA

  • Feb 2004 - D. Carlson, CA, USA

  • Mar 2004 - A. Taylor, SA, Australia

  • June 2004 - N. Jabouin, NY, USA

  • July 2004 - K. Shear, NSW, Australia

  • August 2004 - P. Adamik, CO, USA

  • September 2004 - H. Montgomery, QLD, Australia

  • October 2004 - A. Jago, NSW, Australia

  • November 2004 - C. Barker, Denbighshire, UK

  • December 2004 - E. Roels, Belgium

  • January 2005 - A. Prince, WA, Australia

  • February 2005 - K. Becker, WI, USA

  • Missing months - still awaiting replies from winners!

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