eBay ® powerseller tips and tricks by Michelle Jansen

eBay auction powerseller tips and tricks 

A no nonsense, get straight to the facts, eBay tips and tricks book.  

I will guarantee that if you buy this eBook, put at least some of the tips into action on eBay, you will increase your sales and profits. I have a money back offer to make the decision easy. I know these tips work. After all, I use them myself!

The eBook assumes you have a good working knowledge already on how to sell on eBay. I've had a few people ask me, "Is it a good introductory book to eBay selling?".  I say "No" but if you download my free case study here, read through all the information in that and begin selling a few items on eBay, then you will be ready to buy my eBook.

The reason I wrote my eBook in the first place was to help me with my husband's auctions (eBay: perthferrari).  We wanted to minimise the time taken to list and manage the whole auction process and maximise our profits.  As a full-time stay-at-home mum with a number of part-time income sources, time is so precious to me.  So I decided to document all the tips and tricks I came up with as well as key ones that I researched.

Also, I am a real person.  This is not one of those gimmicky websites trying to sell "thin air". I really do have a great eBook for sale. The cover on the eBook is really a picture of me with my little girl when she was a baby (now 4). I currently reside in Queensland, Australia and am always contactable via email.

So...... inside eBay PowerSeller Tips and Tricks, you'll find out about:
the best sellers on eBay.
working quicker.
improving resources.
gaining a competitive advantage.
creating a better listing.
secrets behind titles and subtitles.
increasing your sales by over 30%.
using smart tools that are available either cheaply or for nothing.

Don't believe me? Read the following:

Dear Michelle, I received your Power Seller Ebook in my email tonight, and stayed up until 3am reading every word of it!

This is the third of this kind of report I have purchased, and the best by far... very meaty, information-dense, and well written. 

I filled several pages making notes, and now I can't wait to start improving my auctions thanks to the tips you shared.  

Warmest Regards, Skip, USA.


Michelle, I just finished reading quickly thru your ebook and am very impressed.  I took some notes on items that could help me personally... Good job.  Thanks. 

Dennis, USA.

With the table of contents, I effectively follow the whole eBay selling life-cycle from running an eBay business, general tips through to analysing your sales:

Chapter 1 - Running a serious eBay business
Chapter 2 - General eBay tips
Chapter 3 - Locating merchandise to sell
Chapter 4 - Using auction management tools
Chapter 5 - Creating your listings
Chapter 6 - Marketing your auctions
Chapter 7 - Customer service
Chapter 8 - Managing sales
Chapter 9 - Receiving payment
Chapter 10 - Feedback
Chapter 11 - Shipping items
Chapter 12 - Analysing sales

The tips are really easy to read and understand and give you solid and workable solutions.  

In a nutshell eBay PowerSeller Tips and Tricks teaches you how to maximise your eBay profits whilst minimising your time.

Like most other eBook authors, when you purchase my eBook, you will get a number of eBook bonuses too.  All-in-all, you'll get the following:
eBay PowerSeller Tips and Tricks by MJ

Bonus list of Shooting Start PowerSellers (these are people with over 10,000 in their feedback profile).  You will be able to sit down and using some of the techniques outlined in my eBook, analyse these sellers, what they are selling and how you can learn from them.

Create a Full Time Income by Selling on eBay

 The Basics of Starting an eBay Business

Turn $500 (and a Widget) using eBay into $5000 in Six Weeks

 How to Create and Automated eBay Money Machine

 How to Increase Auction Profits

How to Get Bids Like Crazy

eBay Auction Aid

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Remember the money back guarantee!!!

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May I wish you many years of eBay success!

Best Regards

Hang on...  Nearly forgot to tell you about the all important guarantee. To show you just how sure I am that you will find something in this ebook to help your eBay business, I am offering an unconditional 7 day return policy.  If you really feel that the information is of no use (and you will not put any of it into action) notify me within 7 days of ordering and your money will be refunded - no questions!

So...if you're prepared to put some effort into earning a living on eBay by increasing your sales whilst reducing the time taken to do so, follow the link below.

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Michelle: I have finished reading your eBook. It is a goldmine of information!

Thanks, Peter (ACT, Australia)

* The actual eBook is in the Adobe Acrobat® format.  The Adobe Acrobat® reader is "free" and is usually installed on most computer systems.  If you need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on the Download Acrobat Reader (or similar) button located at http://www.adobe.com and follow their instructions. The BONUS list of shooting star PowerSellers is viewable directly through your Internet browser.  The other BONUSES are a mixture of self-running applications and Adobe Acrobat documents. SBS

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