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Where to get information rich eBay auction books

I have put together a comprehensive directory of books on the topic of eBay. All of these are 'for purchase'.  Whilst many books are available for 'free', most are not worth the time to download and view them.  In life, there is no such thing as a free ride.  There's always a 'catch'.  Save yourself the time and effort - purchase a quality product.

I have endeavoured to categorise these to make your browsing easier.  Enjoy!

Buy eBay PowerSeller Tips and Tricks 
by Michelle Jansen
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Introduction to eBay type books
  • FREE - Take $500 (and a widget and eBay) and turn it into $5000 in six weeks. This is a free eBook (get it here) I have written which runs you through the overall method for selling on eBay.  (This is a re-written version I did for Ron Douglas and his best on the market eBook on Cracking the Internet Marketing Matrix. If you are interested in Ron's book, click on the link/s to the right.)  
  • eBay Mastery - a step-by-step guide to selling successfully on eBay.

Cracking the Internet Marketing Matrix
Cracking the Internet Marketing Matrix



Consignment selling
  • The complete guide to eBay consignment sales. This consignment ebook is based upon selling antiques and collectibles but the tips can be applied to other fields.  It covers things like what to sell, how to decide what to charge for your service, where to find people with items to sell, how to sign them up, where to advertise for best results and so on. BONUSES offered (1) the legal contract this author uses when taking consignments. (2) Inventory form used to keep track of large estates. (3) ads you can use to find consignors.
On auction buying and selling generally
  • Secret auction tips - your complete guide to making a fortune on eBay. This is for both the buyer and seller and is crammed full of information. One recent purchaser said this "I couldn't believe my first month's profits.  I cleared $10,925.00 following your suggestions." BONUSES offered include 50 top-selling information products plus resell rights.
  • eBay Auction Income Streams - Sara Brown offers you her own winning income streams.
  • eBay PowerSeller 101 - Dwayne Garrett gives you his version on becoming an eBay PowerSeller.
On eBay's policies and procedures
  • Inside eBay's Policies and Procedures - an insider's guide to getting help on eBay.  You'll discover things like how the eBay support minds work, quickest ways to getting help from the support system, how to avoid auctions being ended and the 'real deal' on how to abide by the rules and maintain a good account status. BONUSES offered (1) FREE access to the author's support board. (2) FREE ebook "eBay marketing secrets 2002".
Selling specialist products
  • Art. Sell your art online - Insider tips to help sell your art on the Internet. This ebook has been written by artist Brett Raven.  It covers topics such as themes that sell your art really well, mistakes by other artists who sell on eBay, things successful artists are doing, talent - how child-like art is selling big time, how to effectively expose your art to buyers and so on.
Sourcing products
  • FREE auction profits - Learn how to turn FREE into money. Karol Gajda outlines his methods for obtaining merchandise for free and then turning it into cold hard cash on eBay.  The secrets in this ebook are in locating the merchandise. BONUSES offered (1) FREE 16 day eBay education program delivered to your email address. (2) 5 FREE auction templates (3) Lifetime updates to the ebook (4) 1 year of unlimited ebay auction consultation and (5) a free subscription to special emailings.

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